Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club will be hosting a Coach Education Symposium for all Core Phase & Reach Phase Coaches October 21, 2018 from 3-5pm at Calgary West Soccer Centre on Field 4. This Symposium will be used to kick off our Indoor Programming whilst ensuring each Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club coach is clear on the clubs consistent approach to development The Orange Way.
The on field session(s) will be delivered by our Foundation Phase Technical Director Craig Angus (Previous New York Red Bulls & Vancouver Whitecaps FC) and will be broken into the following learning outcomes at a interactive on field coaching symposium:
  1. Our Club Game Model – Can we create a training environment that replicates how we want to see the players play
  2. How We Teach
    • Before: Planning & Preparation – Setting up the Training Session to Flow
    • During (Coaching Methodology): Importance of Purpose (Clear Activity/Session Objectives) & Constraint based Learning
    • During (Coaching Methodology): Importance of Competition within each activity – Collectively & Individually
    • During (Coaching Methodology): Importance of Ball Rolling (Repetition)
    • During (Coaching Methodology): How can we replicate our Game Model in each Training Session
    • During (Coaching Methodology): Coaching Styles – Command, Q&A, Guided Discovery etc
    • After: Debrief with Players – Have they learned
  3. Age Group Development Plans
Note – This is also open to our parents too.