Youth concussion can have long-term impacts on young athletes such as their health, memory, and learning. This has lead to a new effort to improve prevention, recognition and response to sports-related concussion. Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club encourages coaches, parents and players to educate themselves on how to identify when a player may have a concussion.


ConcussionsFIFA Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
Can be used to help identify concussion in children, youth and adults:
Concussion Pocket Guide

Concussion Guidelines for Parents/Caregivers
Understand concussions, identify symptoms and actions to take as a parent/caregiver:
Concussion Guidelines for Parents & Caregivers

Concussion Guidelines for Coaches/Trainers
Understand concussions, identify symptoms and actions to as a coach/trainer:
Concussion Guidelines for Coaches & Trainers

Guidelines for return to play after a Concussion
Steps to take before returning to sport:
Returning to Play After a Concussion


FIFA – A practical guide to eating and drinking for health and performance
FIFA Nutrition Guidelines

NCAA – Nutrition for the soccer student-athlete
Nutrition for Soccer Student-Athletes

.Soccer Related Injuries

American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine – Stop Sports Injuries
Soccer Related Injuries & Prevention