Grassroots (U4-U12)

The Blizzard Grassroots Program and Skills Centre

“Football is for everyone and can be played everywhere and anywhere.  Football is a school of life that is also fun.  Let the kids be kids!”  FIFA

What is Grassroots Soccer?

The Blizzard grassroots program is for players of all skills and ability from U4 to U12. The program is designed with Canada Soccer and Alberta Soccer’s long-term player development plan as well as Canadian Sport for Life’s long-term athlete development plan in mind. Blizzard provides age-appropriate programming to allow our players to develop at the proper pace while maintaining and enhancing their love for the ball and the game!

The Blizzard Grassroots Advantage

Fun – Blizzard creates an environment for young players to fall in love with our beautiful game. Blizzard provides a first experience in soccer encouraging smiles, smiles and more smiles.

Mistakes are OK – Blizzard encourages young players to use their imagination, creativity and explore the game through trial and errors; mistakes are a welcome tool to learn from.

Build Confidence and Enjoyment of Soccer – Blizzard is focused on an approach of game play with ball, goal and field size appropriate for both age and developmental levels to build confidence and enjoyment of soccer.

Opportunities for All – Blizzard Grassroots is designed to create opportunities for all players to participate in soccer, through both our competitive and recreational programs. If a player wants to develop skills – Blizzard is committed to providing them with the opportunities to grow and develop.

Soccer for Life – Blizzard Grassroots’ ultimate goal is to encourage and enable all players, regardless of their ability, to develop their skills and understanding of the game in a positive, nurturing and yet challenging environment which leads to ‘Soccer for Life’.

Further details on the Blizzard Skills Centre, our Grassroots Philosophy and Player Pathway are available under our Technical Section.

The Blizzard Grassroots Program

Blizzard offers two-streams of programming for Grassroots players (U4 to U12)

  1. Blizzard Grassroots – Recreational 
  • Less focused on competition and more on the community and house league programs.
  • Two sessions per week
  • Players have access to our Blizzard Skill Centres
  • Practice sessions will include small-sided, intra-club game play.
  • Best for players who are new to soccer or for those wishing to play in a less competitive environment with less commitment
  1. Blizzard Grassroots – Competitive 
  • A more structured program which for players wanting greater competition and commitment.
  • One Practice, one game per week on average with once a week access to the skill centre and/or team technical training sessions.
  • Players will have weekly visits to our Blizzard Skill Centres for age and developmentally appropriate technical training
  • Players in this program will play games through Calgary Minor Soccer.
Age Groups

Age groups and our programs are split by birth year as follows:

Birth Year

Programs Available



U4 & U5 2013 & 2014

U6 2012

U7 2011

U8 2010

U9 2009

U10 2008

U11 2007

U12 2006

Please note that playing up is at the discretion of the Club GM or Technical Director.

Program Calendar – Outdoor 2018
  1. Blizzard Grassroots Recreational
  • The week of April 30 (exact date to be confirmed) – June 21, 2018
  • All at the fields on Nolan Hill Drive
  1. Blizzard Grassroots Competitive 
  • April 30 – July 8, 2018

Our 2018 Outdoor Fees have been posted.  You can find them on our Registration page.


Registration for Grassroots program will open at the end of January.  Please visit Registration for details.

Please note that we will endeavour to accommodate placement requests for players as much as possible to ensure friends stay with friends!


If you have any questions about our program, please consult our Grassroots Manager, Jens Lipper at or (403) 863-3001.