Outdoor (U7-U19)

Season Calendar Overview

The dates below provide a general overview of the outdoor season.  Specific dates and games days are provided each season by CMSA in their official calendar and league structure documents.


Blizzard Registration February until early March
Evaluations March until early April depending on age group and tier
Game Season Late April until June / July or August depending on age group and tier
Year-end Competitions July / August depending on age group and tier
Fall Season (optional) September / early October


Official CMSA Outdoor Calendar – For specific dates for all ages and tiers please click here: 2018 CMSA Outdoor Calendar

Official CMSA Outdoor League Structure – For specific league game days and number of games for each age group and tier please click here: 2018 CMSA Outdoor League Structure

Download > The Outdoor 2018 Program Guide
Game Structure 
Age Players / side Ball size
U8 4 3
U9 & 10 7 4
U11 8 4
U12 8 4
U13 – U18 11 5
Player Time Commitment
Age Tier Practices / Wk Games / Wk (approx.) Technical Training
U8 & U9 1 1
U10 Tier A & B 2 1 Yes
U10 Tier C & D 1 1 Optional
U11 – U18 Tier 1 – 3 2 1 Yes
U11 – U18 Tier 4 – 6 1 1 Optional
Registration and Fees

To join our Club please visit our website under RegistrationFees for the 2018 outdoor season are fully outlined under Registration.

Blizzard wants every child to have the opportunity to play soccer, regardless of a family’s economic situation and encourages anyone requiring financial assistance to apply to Kidsport Calgary prior to registration at www.kidsport.ab.ca.  Parents should also feel free to contact Alan Rickwood, our general manager at gm@calgaryblizzard.com to discuss other financial options.

Where We Train                               

During the outdoor season Blizzard teams train primarily at the Inland Athletic Park near Beacon Hill, NW Calgary.  Teams also utilize various practice fields throughout NW Calgary depending on their age group and tier.

All games within the CMSA league are held throughout the city.