Blizzard Academy


Our Philosophy

Blizzard Soccer is proud to call itself a “development club.” Ex-Blizzard players come back from college and university and tell us how much they missed our training techniques. A player who has been through our program is comfortable on the ball and has a good understanding of the game. Our main focus is on development, and we make sure the player is being trained for the long-term with skills, not just conditioned for the short-term to win.

A number of soccer players from top teams around the province struggle to perform basic moves such as pull backs, cuts and feints. We start EVERY practice the same way: core movement drills, repeating the basic and essential ball control skills. We end EVERY practice the same way: fun and small-sided games where the coach is not controlling every move.

Generally, in the Calgary area, most clubs start to focus on “playing for the team” or trying to “achieve results” too early. Players desperately need general ball handling, dribbling and passing skills work, as well as constantly returning to repetitive exposure to core skills. Instead of running laps and conditioning for 20 minutes to begin our practices, we have players utilizing the basic skills, such as dribbling, passing, moves, chesting, heading—all the skills they actually use in a game. Players who haven’t mastered the fundamental skills become frustrated because the game gets too difficult for them as they move into higher levels.

We work hard to make sure that when your child graduates from the Blizzard Academy program, they are happy with a ball at their feet, they can head the ball properly and safely, they can use both left and right feet and they have a great understanding of how to play the game.

Four Core Elements To Development
Technical Control / passing Dribbling Finishing Defending Heading
Tactical Playing systems Defending principles Attacking principles Game behaviour
Mental Commitment Intensity Motivation Discipline
Physical Stamina Strength Coordination Speed
Program and Progression Matrix

Additional Training Opportunities

In addition to the regular technical training that the Blizzard Academy provides we also offer other opportunities that enhance our players’ development.

GoalKeeper Training 

Blizzard offers an In-house Keeper Training Program featuring Diogo Raposo. Diogo is our Head Keeper Coach for both the Blizzard Elite and Development programs and offers sessions for both levels of Keeper. The 2018 outdoor program will be held once a week and will run from April through to mid-July. Blizzard is pleased to offer this training program to registered Blizzard players at no charge, as we value your dedication to our Club and your commitment to developing your skill. These sessions will be mandatory for all Tier 1 Keepers and optional for all Recreational Keepers.

Outdoor 2018 Goalkeeper Schedule:

  • Saturday May 12 9am-12pm
  • Saturday May 26 9am-12pm
  • Saturday June 2 9am-12pm
  • Saturday June 9 9am-12pm
  • Saturday June 16 9am-12pm
  • Friday June 22 6-9pm
  • Friday June 29 6-9pm
  • Friday July 6 6-9pm
  • Friday July 13 6-9pm
  • Saturday July 21 9am-12pm
  • Friday July 27 6-9pm
Saturdays Fridays
  • 9am:
    • U7-U10 All Tiers
  • 6pm:
    • U7-U10 All Tiers
  • 10am:
    • U11 All Tiers
    • U12 All Tiers
    • U13 Tier2 & Below
    • U14 Tier 3 & Below
  • 7pm:
    • U11 All Tiers
    • U12 All Tiers
    • U13 Tier 2 & Below
    • U14 Tier 3 & Below
  • 11am:
    • U13 Tier 1
    • U14 Tier 1 & 2
    • U15 All Tiers
    • U17 All Tiers
    • U19 All Tiers
  • 8pm:
    • U13 Tier 1
    • U14 Tier 1 & 2
    • U15 All Tiers
    • U17 All Tiers
    • U19 All Tiers

Click here for details on the program and Diogo.

Strength and Conditioning Training

All Blizzard Tier 1 teams participate in mandatory strength and conditioning training at the Markin MacPhail Centre through WinSport at Canada Olympic Park. WinSport provides training to improve a players’ overall athleticism, speed and agility through programs specifically designed for soccer. Blizzard teams in other tiers have the option to participate in these programs as well.

Penticton Outdoor Prep Camp  Spring

Tier 1 U11 to U13 boys and girls participate in an outdoor prep fitness and training camp held annually in Penticton, BC, in the spring. Teams travel by bus to Penticton for four days of fitness, tech training and games. The weekend also provides a good environment for team bonding with our team talent show and beach soccer competition held at the end of the weekend.

Showcase Tournaments & Training Camps – Year-round

Blizzard Academy strongly encourages our U14 – U18 Tier 1 and 2, boys’ and girls’ teams to participate in a number of Showcase Tournaments throughout Canada and the United States.  Blizzard teams have regularly participated in the Vancouver Whitecaps Showcase, the Umbro Showcase in Toronto and other tournaments in Seattle, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas and Minnesota. In addition, training camps have been organized in Germany with more training in Europe planned for the future.