With the uncertainty of natural field opening dates, CMSA has been strategizing on how to make best use of the resources we are confident will be open by May 5. To give you an idea of the scope of what we are facing: CMSA originally had 295 bookings on natural fields for preseason that may not be open by our start date.  We are left with 197 bookings on artificial fields and tried to pick up more where we could.  The difficulty, as always, is that we are not the only user group of these facilities in the city.

At this point in time, the following divisions will be scheduled for a preseason of 3 games starting the weekend of May 5.  We have prioritized U15 and U17 I and II, who are on the road to Nationals, as it is critical these teams have a seeding phase and are placed appropriately:
U15B I, II
U15G I, II
U17B I, II
U17G I, II

The following two groups will have a 3-game schedule (***note start dates; not every team in the divisions will play on the first day):
U17 B III – Thursday, May 3
U17G III – Wednesday, May 2

All U19 Divisions will have a 3-game schedule as they have scheduling restrictions later in June around Diploma Exams:
U19B II, III, IV – Saturday, May 5
U19G II – Friday, May 4 (***note start date; not every team in the division will play on the first day)
U19G IV- Saturday, May 5

As natural fields open, we will endeavour to get all other divisions started (U13, remaining U15, remaining U17).  Tiers IV and V will be prioritized in this instance as their end dates are quite early to their Intercities/Provincials dates.

We will be alerting teams 72 hours prior at the minimum if their schedule will be starting so please ensure your teams are aware of this.  Please also note that schedules may not be perfectly balanced as the preseason is being condensed.  Due to field availability, there could be a shorter than average turn around between games.

FOR ALL U9-U12 DIVISIONS –  Schedules will be posted by end of day Wednesday, April 25 with an anticipated start date of Saturday, May 5.  Clubs will be updating the field statuses for their community fields.  Please check the home team’s website to verify if your game field will be open.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.  We know everyone is anxious to get the season rolling.

Please contact the CMSA office should you  have any questions.

Calgary Minor Soccer Association
403-279-8686 | info@calgaryminorsoccer.com