brendan-oconnellWhere were you born and where did you grow-up? I was born in Waterloo, London, England in the Borough of Lambeth. I grew up in Addlestone, Surrey, England.

What football team do you support? Burnley, Barnsley, Wigan, and Fulham.

Who are your football idols? Alan Ball, my youth team coach, and Lothar Matthaus.

Favourite memory from your playing days? Signing pro at 18.

Worst memory from your playing days? Getting injured in the FA cup and having to retire because of it.

Favourite food? When I played it was pasta. Post retirement sausage, egg, chips, and beans.

Favourite singer or band and song? Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), Land Slide.

Most prized possession? My family and pet dogs (Joe and Molly who are Yorkshire terriers).

What is your greatest extravagance? Traveling.

What is your favourite expression? Call the police.

When and why did you move to Canada? I arrived in Canada in 2012. The mountains and my Canadian wife.

What trait do you most love about Canadians? How they take a long road trip in their stride.

What advice would you give to young Canadian players wanting to pursue soccer at the highest level? Work hard on your technique, at being an athlete, and be coachable.

What characteristics do you like best in a young player? Persistence

Why did you join Blizzards? Because of the people associated with the club and the club’s culture.

Thanks Brendan!