We asked Blizzard 01 player, Ava, to tell us about the team’s experience at the Surf Cup in San Diego!  Here is the team’s diary!  Thanks Ava and Girls for sharing your experience with us!

San Diego Surf Cup Tournament

Day 1 (Friday)
– arrive at hotel at 3:00pm
– drive to practice field at 4:15pm after checking in and dropping off bags
– pight practice (passing, light running)
– shower/change, relax at hotel
– leave for team dinner at 7:15pm in team van
– get back at 10:00pm
– chill/get ready for bed
– lights out at 10:30pm

Day 2 (Saturday)
– wake up at 8:15am
– breakfast at 8:30am in hotel
– team walk down the beach at 9:00am, including stretching
– go back to hotel, prep/change for game
– leave at 10:45am
Game #1 at 12:30pm
– go back to hotel, rest, ice, have lunch
-leave again at 3:45pm
Game #2 at 5:00pm
– go back to hotel, ice bath for 10 minutes, shower
– poolside BBQ dinner with the team and parents
– lights out at 10:30

Day 3 (Sunday)
– wake up 7:15am
– breakfast at 7:30am
– team walk at 8:00am
– go back to hotel, prep/change for game
– leave at 8:45pm
Game #3 at 10:30am
– go back to hotel, rest, ice, eat lunch
– leave at 3:15pm to go to the beach
– swim/relax/have fun
– get dinner at a restaurant at 7:00pm
– back at hotel at 9:00pm
– lights out by 10:00pm

Day 4 (Monday)
– wake up at 8:00am
– breakfast at 8:15am
– team walk at 8:45am
– prep/change for game
– leave hotel at 9:30am
Game #4 at 11:15am
– back to hotel, shower, ice, change and pack
– buy lunch from small restaurants around hotel
– shopping at outlet mall from 3:15-5:30pm
– have dinner
– pack for plane ride home the next day


Like most tournaments, the Surf Cup attracts many teams from both Canada and the US and allows them to compete against one another while showcasing each individual player’s skill and style. Each team had a unique playing style and one variable that challenged us each game was adjusting our play based on the strategies of other teams. However, I believe it was the combination of our ability to link passes, hard work ethic, and strong sense of teamwork that allowed us to stand out against our opponents. We finished the tournament with one win and three ties, though we displayed superiority in each game despite our opponents’ advanced level of play.

One thing I know my teammates and I will take away from this tournament is that you can rely on skill and technical ability to keep you from losing a game, but ultimately it comes down to heart, and each player working together to finish a game with success.