Blizzard players are easily identified on the pitch with our bright orange jerseys! We have proudly worn orange over the last 50 years and want our brand to continue. With that in mind we have guidelines on our club attire that we ask you to adhere to.

Any attire outside of these guidelines must be approved by Alan Rickwood, PRIOR to wearing or purchasing. Blizzard will not be held responsible for the purchase of garments that have not been pre-approved, do not meet our guidelines and, in the Club’s view, are not suitable for club events.

Blizzard is an Adidas Club therefore only Adidas wear is to be worn at Club events.

First game uniform

• Orange Jersey • Black Shorts • Orange Socks


Second game uniform

• Black Jersey • Black Shorts • Black Socks

Third team – Tournament only

• White Jersey • White Shorts • White Socks

Technical training wear:

• Orange Tech T-Shirt • Black Shorts • Orange/Black Socks


Practice wear

Practice wear is at the discretion of coach.

Optional wearceq-8sfviaalcun

Official Blizzard wear is available for purchase at Kicks Sports, 4625 Varsity Drive NW. Examples of optional items includes track suits, rain jackets, winter coats, hoodies, extra socks and shorts.

Blizzard also holds Blizzardwear Swap Days throughout the year that allows members to bring in old Blizzardwear that no longer fits to swap for some larger sizes. You can also swap boots, indoor shoes and shin pads.

If you don’t have any old items to bring to the swap days, but are collecting some gear, we ask that you make a food bank donation in lieu.