During the playing season, most teams will embark on some form of fundraising activities to help offset additional team expenses such as tournament fees and travel. Although some families will be able to simply write a cheque to pay for these extra costs, not all families will be in that position.

Fundraising allows all players the chance to participate in these events and are often excellent team building activities away from the field.

There are many options for fundraising, we have outlined a few common ones below:

Raffles & 50/50 Draws

blizzard-ftmacAny raffle or draws require a valid Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control (AGLC) Board license and must conform fully to the rules. Teams selling raffle or draw tickets may consider setting up sales tables at local businesses such as Sobey’s or Revy who have been supportive with the Club. Raffles provide the opportunity to raise large amounts of funds through a single activity.


Bottle Drives

Bottle drives can be very lucrative and don’t require too much time. Pick a neighbourhood you don’t think has had a recent bottle drive then advertise in advance.

Bottle Drive Signage: Place the signs strategically in the area your team will be working a few days ahead of time.



Pub Nights with Silent Auction

Teams have organized pub nights at places such as Schanks and Kilkenny pub in the NW. Tickets sold normally provide a meal and drink and teams supplement the event with a silent auction. Once again, depending on your activities, make sure you have a valid AGLC license and conform to the rules.