Two-years ago Berthony Jean came to us to ask if we could help him with a soccer program so he could help the youth in Lavanue, Haiti.  Lavanue is a rural community with no running water or electricity.  picture29None of the teams could play in league or tournament games as they had no uniforms.  After two-years now we have brought about 600 uniforms, 200 pairs of cleats, 200 balls, cones pinnies, coaching books, referee kits etc. to help soccer in Haiti.  They even have their first women’s team in the community!!

picture28“We can not thank you enough for all the help and support you have given us in Haiti.  When we came here three years ago we saw children playing soccer with 2 litre pop bottles for a ball.  There was a tournament o
ver the weekend with our own Lavanue Olympic team winning 3 to 0 in the final.  It was like a world cup game for the boys with over 300 people watching!”