The 3v3 Christmas Cup – Coming Back December 2021! 


The following rules have been designed to ensure fun play for all participants:

CMSA & FIFA rules apply if not modified within the below:

  • Sportsmanship: Good sportsmanship is to prevail at all times. Coaches/ Players will be held responsible for the conduct of themselves, the players, player’s parents and spectators.
  • Number of Players: A team must have a minimum of 3 players. There are no Goalkeepers.
  • Uniforms:  The first team on the schedule must change or wear pinnies if there is a color clash. Uniforms do not need numbers or club crests. Prizes for best uniforms. *Please no sharp or breakable objects on the uniforms that may be a harm to the players on the pitch.
  • Tournament Equipment: All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play. The game ball for U9-U12 will be a regulation size 4 ball. U14 and up will play with regulation size 5 ball
  • Goalkeepers: There are no GK’s
  • Scoring:  Goals can only be scored from the opposition half.
  • Kick Off/ Kick-Ins/Direct & Indirect Kicks: All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, kick-offs, free kicks, corners) are indirect with the exception of penalty kicks. You cannot score directly from a kick-in.
  • Game Duration: The game shall consist of one 25 minute periodGame Clock does not stop in 3v3 games. Games will start on time and there will be a 5 min grace period for teams that are late.
  • Substitution: Substitutions may be made on the fly. Players must enter and exit at mid-field.
  • No Offsides
  • No slide tackling: If a player is sliding, no contact is allowed. If a player slides and contact is initiated, a free kick shall be awarded. This does not prevent players from sliding to stop/intercept a ball where contact is not initiated during the slide. Example: a player may slide to save a ball from going out-of-bounds.
  • Coach/Parent: Coaches on the sideline for U9-U12 to help with substitution.
  • Scoring (In bracket Play): Games will be scored according to the following: 3 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; 0 points for a loss. A forfeited game is scored as a 5-0 win for the team that is present. There is a mercy rule in effect of 5 goals.
  • Crossover Games: Crossover games (as indicated on schedule) will not count to group standings. 
  • Tie-Breakers: For teams that are tied in record, if one team forfeited a game, they will automatically be considered the lower seed (unless otherwise decided by a tournament official). For teams tied in record where one team received a forfeit, games against the teams forfeiting are not counted when figuring the tiebreaker. In pool play, ties between three or more teams will be broken by (1) head to head results between the tied teams (2) goal difference in head to head games (3) goals against in head to head games (4) goal difference in pool play games (5) goals against in pool play games (6) shootout. Ties between two teams in record whom have tied each other will be broken by (1) goal difference in pool play games (2) goals against pool play games (3) shootout. Each tie-breaking criterion is carried out to its fullest in determining the seeds in ties between 3 or more teams.
  • The Tournament Director will have final say on all disputes and interpretations of Tournament Rules
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