July 4 – Sept 1
9 Weeks Available to Select

Ages 8 – 13 (2004-2009)
Full Day Program
Multi Family Discounts

Centrally Located: Absolute Sports Academy in Foothills Athletic Park at McMahon Stadium

Registration Made Easy!!
3 Minutes to Plan
Your Summer Development Program

Step 1 – Program Information Available at                   www.absolutesportsacademy.com

Step 2 – Click the Register Button

  • Select the Number of Weeks you will attend – 3 Week Minimum
  • Not Sure of Dates – No problem let us know in a few weeks

Step 3 – Make a Deposit to Reserve Placement
Congratulations you just planned your Summer!  We will send you an email for more details for the weeks you will attend.

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Too Good to be True – Understand the Program: Honestly the program seems  “Too good to be True”, so we want to clarify a few items with a Simple FAQ on the most important and asked about items.

Flexible Schedule: 9 Week Available from July 3 – Sept 1: This is correct, we offer the program for all 9 weeks, and you are free to select any weeks you want to create your own schedule.  You can plan around holidays, tournaments, weddings, etc.  There is a 3-week minimum, as we do not want this to be a filler program, we are not a rec camp, we are a development program, the Gold Standard in Calgary.

Not Sure of Your Schedule Yet: No Problem, many people are not sure of work holidays, kids sports, fishing trips, and we make it really simple.  Register for the number of weeks you estimate you need, place a deposit and then let us know in June when you have a better idea of the Schedule.  How can we do this? We have our own facility and have pre-rented all the Ice – we are good to go.  This is your One Stop Family Summer Planner!

Multi-Sport Options: Athletes may choose to do multiple sports from week to week if they choose. Each Weekend the family will receive an email update.  Simply reply to the email and let us know if you plan to switch to another sport.  We just do not allow a switch mid-week, as that would be chaotic for coaches.

You Are Going To Feed My Kid for Free? Why?: To be honest, could you imagine every person, especially children, if they had a healthy snack every few hours.  Could you imagine their attention span and ability to perform in school, sports, or other aspects of life?  We want to develop healthy habits and have focused athletes in our hands.  Breakfast, AM & PM Snack, and Noon Hour Choc Mike Refuel are complimentary. The kids will need to bring a lunch, or we will offer a healthy option for a fee.

What does the Daily Schedule Look Like? We are focused on building better athletes, hockey players, and members of our community.  There is much more than simply going to skate for a few hours each day – here is a sample planner:
Daily Plan:
8:00 – 9:00       Arrival – Team Breakfast at 8:15
9:00 – 9:15       Team Huddle – Plan for Day
9:15 – 9:30       Daily Warmup
9:30 – 10:30      Speed Training (By age group)
10:30 –10:45     Snack Break
10:45 – 12:00    Strength Training – (by age group)
12:00 -12:20      Lunch
12:20- 1:00       Leadership & Team Building Workshop
1:00 – 1:15       Plan for Afternoon – Separate into Sport Groups
1:15 – 2:30       Soccer Training
2:30 – 2:45        Snack Break
2:45 – 4:00       Soccer Training
4:00 – 4:30        Clean Up & Dismissal

The Price is What – Where is the Catch? We know how it works, other programs charge $500+ for a one-week camp as they set up shop in August. Other Big Entities like Universities or City Centres have cheaper options but essentially turns into a rec camp.  We start our full day pricing at $400 per week and scale down with the more weeks registered.  We also offer multi-family discounts. You are no longer a camper, you are a client.

Too Much Info: I know this is too Long, but we have so much to explain, Calgary has never seen anything like this program.  Please let your Friends and Family know about the Program –this program is unmatched and will be the Gold Standard in Calgary.

For more information: info@absolutesportsacademy.com

Thank you,
Dean Fedorchuk
Absolute Sports Academy

Program Highlights
–          One Stop Family Summer Planner
–          July 3 – Sept 1  – 9 Weeks Available – Select your Weeks – Make a Flexible Schedule
–          Full Day Program: 800 am – 430 pm
–          Age Groups for each Birth Year: 2004 – 2009 (Ages 8 – 13)
–          Affordable Weekly Packages
–          Family Discounts for Multiple family members
–          Centrally Located at Absolute Sports Academy in Foothills Athletic Park at McMahon Stadium

Nutrition Based Program
–          Breakfast Served Daily at no additional cost
–          Fruit & Veggie Snacks at 1030 and 230 at no additional cost
–          Chocolate Milk Refuel Served at Lunch at no additional cost
–          Healthy Lunch Option Provided

Sports Development
–        Daily Strength Training
–        Daily Speed Training
–        Daily Soccer Skill Development
–        Coaches: Current & Former Collegiate & Professional Athletes
–        Multi-Sport Options on Weekly Basis
–        Hockey
–        Baseball
–        Softball
–        Soccer
–        Basketball

Workshops & Character Building Activities: Daily
–        Leadership
–        Buddies Program and Bully Awareness
–        Goal Setting
–        Motivation & Coach Experiences
–        Team Building Projects

Family Atmosphere
–        Our Goal is to create a family atmosphere that caters to all members of the Absolute Family.
–        Our Goal is that the athletes can endure intense training, and yet provide a positive and encouraging environment is very important to us.
–        Our success is in large part due to the fact that Absolute presents the opportunity to surround ourselves with great families.
–        Our Success depends on the continued efforts to surround our children with good people, and we would like you to share our Absolute Program with Friends & Family & Bring A Friend to Absolute.