1hm2xaklWhere were you born and where did you grow-up? Born in Kitchener, Grew up in Winnipeg

What football team do you support? Leicester City

Who are your football idols? Pele, Cruyff, Gullit

Favourite coaching memory? Winning the Provincial Championships in PKs, when no one expected us to be there. Followed closely by winning the USA Cup.

Worst coaching memory? Losing in the semifinals at Nationals on a silly mistake and a missed open net.

Favourite food? Pizza

Favourite singer or band and song? Trooper – Raise a Little Hell

Most prized possession? Pocket watch of my grandfather

What is your greatest extravagance? Techno gadgets and vacations

What is your favourite expression? It is what it is

What advice would you give to young players wanting to pursue soccer at the highest level? Be patient and work hard every day at the game to make yourself better. It is not a straight path to the top. You need to want it more than the next guy.

What characteristics do you like best in a young player? Willingness to learn, with a desire to compete.

What do you love most about soccer in Calgary? The rapid development of the game and players yet there is still so much room for growth.

What do you love most about Blizzard Soccer Club? I have been at the club for so many years and even though the people change the commitment to the kids remains at the front.