Reach (U12 – U19)

Blizzard Reach (U12 – U19)

Outdoor 2019

The Blizzard Reach Program is for all players U12 to U19 that have graduated from our Core Program and any other players that want to compete in the Calgary Minor Soccer League (CMSA).


  • Participation in Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) Outdoor Soccer League for Tiers 1 – 6.
  • Participants receive a combination of CMSA organized games, team practices and Blizzard technical training (Tiers 1 – 3).
  • The technical training for tiers 1 through 3 is developed and directed by our Boys’ Technical Director Brendan O’Connell and our Girls’ Technical Director Glenn Ramsay. Technical training for lower tiers is optional and at an additional cost.
  • All technical training programs are held at Inland Athletic Park.
  • Program runs from early late April to August, and dependent upon the player’s tier, games can be scheduled any day of the week.

What is Blizzard Reach?

  • The Blizzard Reach program builds on the key fundamental skills learnt in our Core program.
  • Players will now look to be comfortable with our specific game model where learning around the 4 key moments of the game in synergy with the Orange Way of Playing. Group Situations into a more adult orientated version of the game. 11v11

Purpose of developing players that:

  • Can deal with various situations that arise in the ebb and flow of the game
  • Create & score in a variety of ways
  • Play in a fast paced and purposeful style
  • The Reach program will prepare our players to reach towards higher levels of playing whether in club programing or the various high-performance streams that Canada Soccer offers and hopefully transitioning to play university soccer.
  • Team coaches are provided direction and guidance on the Reach curriculum through our Orange Way development philosophy. For curriculum details and our information on our player pathway please download our program guide.

Calendar and CMSA League Structure:

Official CMSA Outdoor Calendar – For specific dates for all ages and tiers please click here: CMSA Indoor Calendar

Official CMSA Outdoor League Structure – For specific league game days and number of games for each age group and tier please click here: CMSA Indoor League Structure


Program Offerings

Age Tier Practices / Week Games / Week (approx.) Technical Sessions
U12 – U19 Tier 1 1 – 90 min per week minimum 1 or 2 – 60-90 min game per week 12 – 90 min sessions
U12 – U19 Tier 2 1 – 90 min per week minimum 1 or 2 – 60-90 min game per week 10 – 90 min sessions
U12 – U19 Tier 3 1 – 90 min per week minimum 1 or 2 – 60-90 min game per week 8 – 90 min sessions
U12 – U19 Tier 4 – 6 1 – 90 min per week minimum 1 or 2 – 60-90 min game per week Optional
Goalkeepers All Minimum 2 Free Sessions/month

Registration and Fees

For information on fees and to join our Club please visit our website under Registration.  

Blizzard wants every child to have the opportunity to play soccer, regardless of a family’s economic situation and encourages anyone requiring financial assistance to apply to Kidsport Calgary prior to registration at  Parents should also feel free to contact Alan Rickwood, our general manager at to discuss other financial options.

Where We Train

During the outdoor season Blizzard teams have their technical training at Inland Athletic Park. For team practices, teams will  utilize various practice fields throughout NW Calgary depending on their age group and tier.