Blizzard relies on volunteers to step forward with their time and energy so that our Club can offer a high-quality soccer program at a reasonable cost. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer with the Club and a technical knowledge is not required for most positions.

At the time of registration, Blizzard collects a $100 volunteer deposit, once your family has taken on a volunteer position, that is approved by the Club, the deposit will be credited to the player’s PowerUp account during the season.

Club Opportunities:

Throughout the season the Club will post duties on our website that need to be filled and the time commitment required. Only volunteer positions officially issued from the Club and signed up for through our system will qualify. Club volunteer duties will require a minimum of five hours to be considered for a credit.  Please note that if you do not show up for your volunteer shift, or cancel with less than 24-hour notice, then you will not receive your volunteer credit.  The Club will make every effort ensure a variety of volunteer duties are available for all members but cannot guarantee that a member’s preferred duty or volunteer time will be available.

Team Opportunities:

In addition to Club volunteer roles all teams require volunteers who contribute at various levels to support the team activities, however only those volunteer positions outlined below will qualify for a credit of a volunteer deposit.  Duties such as field marshall, bench mom, running lines, putting up nets etc., do a not qualify for a volunteer credit but rather are part of being helpful to the general benefit of the team.

Volunteer Roles (Team Specific)
Role                     . Description
Assistant Coach Assist the coach with team duties
Coach Assume head coaching responsibilities for the team
Team Tournament /Fundraising Coordinator Coordinate team fundraising events to help offset costs for tournaments and extra training and fitness. Coordinate and manage the team’s tournament participation including travel arrangements
Team Manager Assist coach with any team management duties; organize parent volunteers for team volunteer opportunities
Team Treasurer Manage the team’s finances for tournaments and other activities