Evaluation Timetable for Outdoor season

Blizzard Soccer Club will be holding evaluations at the Calgary West Soccer Club, 11014 Bearspaw Dam Road, from 7th March and towards the end of the month and in to April, weather permitting at McMahon Stadium. Emails will be sent to registered players, asking them to attend on a certain date at a certain time, we do suggest you arrive 30 minutes before the start of your child’s evaluation so that they can be assigned a pinnie in plenty of time. Please make sure that your child has the correct footwear and shin pads.

A timetable will be available once finalized.

General Overview of the Evaluation Process

Depending on the age group and tier, there will be a series of tryout sessions scheduled.  Some groups may have more sessions than others.

You will receive an email from the Club with the tryout time for your child.  Only go to those tryouts that you have received an invitation, via email, to attend.

Tryouts for indoor will be primarily held at the Calgary West Soccer Centre (sometimes we use all four fields, sometimes just Field 4).  Depending on the weather there may be a few sessions held outdoors on the grass.

For indoor tryouts, please remember to bring both indoor and outdoor shoes.  Any sessions held on Fields 1 through 3 at the Calgary West Soccer Centre require indoor shoes.  Field 4 is turf, therefore either indoor or outdoor shoes can be worn.

Our Technical Directors (Glenn Ramsay for the girls, Brendan O’Connell for the boys) oversee the tryouts.  Other evaluators include Blizzard coaches or other experienced coaches from outside the organization.  None of the evaluators, aside from the Technical Directors, will be coaching at the age group they are evaluating nor will they be reviewing their own child.

Tryouts are only part of the team selection process, other factors are considered:

  • Coaches have provided a ranking for their players during the prior season
  • Technical staff have also watched many teams during the prior season and have made note of player performance
  • All of the above components make up the evaluation

Upon completion of tryouts you will receive an email from the team the player has been assigned to.

Evaluation FAQs
1. What are the evaluators looking for?

They have been instructed to look for a number of things, but mainly game sense. That means knowing when to pass, when to dribble and how they execute that skill.

2. Who is evaluating on the field?

Our Technical Directors and other staff will oversee the tryouts.  The evaluators are the Technical Directors and Blizzard coaches or experienced coaches from outside the organization. None of them, aside from the Technical Directors, will either coach at this age group or have a child on the field.

3. I am concerned that one of the evaluators on the field does not like my child. Will that impact my child’s placement?

There are a minimum of two evaluators per field, however please keep in mind tryouts only form part of the team selection process. Coaches have ranked their players and technical staff have also watched many teams this year making note of player performance. All these components are considered when placing players at their correct level.  Please email Alan Rickwood, our General Manager gm@calgaryblizzard.com in confidence with any concerns.

4. We have just received a tryout time and my child can’t make a certain date, does it matter?

Most age groups and tiers have more than one tryout.  If you are unable to make your invited time, please don’t worry but try to make an effort for your child to attend a future session.  If you are a new player to the Club, it is important to try and make all evaluations as possible as the history component will not be available and we want to ensure they get placed at the correct level.

5. Why are there four different fields and why is my son/daughter not with his/her friend?

The evaluators are running small-sided games; we can only fit so many players on one field. Potentially, we will move some players between fields during the evaluation but this will be the exception to the norm.

6. My child has been invited to a tryout but their friend, who is trying for the same age and tier was not invited, what does this mean?

You are to only attend the tryouts that your child has been invited to.  Some players may be called to more sessions than their peers as we may want to have a better look at their ability.

7. Can I challenge my child’s placement?

Once the teams have been formed, if you are not happy with your child’s placement please email our General Manager, Alan Rickwood at gm@calgaryblizzard.com. Our Technical team will review the evaluation data and provide you with a timely response to your concerns.

8. My child should be on a higher tier and was placed on a lower tier, I plan to go to another club and want to get my money back, who do I talk to?

After your child has attended tryouts, there is a no refund policy unless there is a medical reason.  Please consider this carefully prior to registering with multiple clubs.