Walk-In Registration

There will be a Walk-In registration September 4th 6:00-8:30pm @ Calgary North Soccer Centre ( 4404 14 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6T7 )

This registration is suited for those not wishing to pay by credit card or who need assistance in applying for Kidsport. Further information regarding programs, payment options and fees can be found below.


Evaluations for Indoor 2019-20 will start in September, outdoors at Inland Athletic Park. Please see our Evaluations Schedule for times.

Program Fees

Early Bird Registration – There will be an Early Bird Discount of 10% applied to all U9-U19 registration fees up until August 15th.

Two-payment Installment – Blizzard has a two-payment fee structure to assist the burden on many families to pay all fees at once.  Registration fees will be due in full upon registration fees with technical fees debited on  October 21st, 2019 (technical fee costs vary depending on what tier players make – details below).

Part A – Registration Fees


Age Group Registration Fee Facility Fee** Volunteer Fee** Membership Fee
U4 (2016) $ 90 (Training Kit Included) $20 $5
U5-U6 (2014/2015) $ 150 (Training Kit Included) $20 $5
U7 (2013) $ 150 (Training Kit Included) $20 $5
U8 (2012) $350 (Training Kit Included) $20 $100 $5

CORE (U9-U12)

Age Group Registration Fee Technical Training Fee Volunteer Fee* Facility Fee**
U9-U10 (2011-2010) – Tier A, B, C $ 560 $ 310 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U9-U10 (2011-2010) – Tier D $ 560 Optional $100 $20
U11-U12 (2009-2008) – Tier 1 $ 560 $ 685 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U11-U12 (2009-2008) – Tier 2 $ 560 $ 555 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U11 (2009) – Tier 3 $ 560 $ 310 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U12 (2008) – Tier 3 $ 560 $ 415 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U11-U12 (2009) – Tier 4-6 $ 560 Optional $100 $20

REACH (U13-U19)

Age Group Registration Fee Technical Training Fee Volunteer Fee* Facility Fee**
U13 – U19 (2001-2007) Tier 1 $ 560 $ 685 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U13 – U19 (2001-2007) Tier 2 $ 560 $ 555 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U13 – U19 (2001-2007) Tier 3 $ 560 $ 415 (Includes Training Top) $100 $20
U13 – U19 (2001-2007) Tier 4-6 $ 560 Optional $100 $20

*Volunteer Fee            $100.00

In order tor run efficiently, Blizzard requires the help of volunteers. For those who do not have the time to commit to this, we offer a $100 Volunteer Fee at time of registration. If you complete your volunteer commitment, this $100 will be credited to your account.

**Facility Fee                 $20.00

Blizzard’s long-term goal is to develop our own Club facility.   The Club’s Board of Directors includes a Facilities Committee which continues to seek out potential opportunities.  Funds are set aside from the Facility Fee to help the Club reach this goal.

**Technical Training Fee     $415-$685 (depending on tier)

Technical training is mandatory for all Tier 1-3 teams U11-U19 and Tier A-C teams U9-U10 and optional for all Tier 4/D teams.  Technical training sessions are with one of our licensed staff and are part of our club program. If a team is moved to a lower tier after preseason and the technical training program has started, training will go on as planned for the remainder of that season and that team will receive the amount of sessions initially planned for.  If a single player is moved to a lower tier, the fees will be adjusted to reflect the amount of sessions they will receive within that new tier and team.

Other Expenses: Parents should be aware that once they have registered for soccer and have been placed on a team at their child’s appropriate level, there may be further costs during the season.  For example, some teams may be registered to participate in a tournament or teams may participate in strength and conditioning sessions all at extra expense.  Most teams participate in several fundraising initiatives to offset the costs where possible.

Calendar and CMSA League Structure:

Official CMSA Calendar – For specific dates for all ages and tiers please click here: CMSA Calendar

Official CMSA League Structure – For specific league game days and number of games for each age group and tier please click here: CMSA League Structure

Financial Assistance

Blizzard wants every child to have the opportunity to play soccer, regardless of a family’s economic situation.KidSport If you require financial assistance, please apply to Kidsport Calgary prior to or at registration. The application forms are available at www.kidsport.ab.ca. Contact Lucy Leong, our Blizzard Registrar, at registrar@calgaryblizzard.com for details.


Refund Policy

Blizzard has a strict refund policy. Once you register with our Club, you may withdraw your registration for a full refund one week before the CMSA Entry Deadline. This will be subject to a $100 administrative fee which will be withheld from the refund. If however, you have attended an evaluation, no refund for registration, technical training or any other applicable club fees will be eligible for a refund unless it is for a season ending injury as noted by a doctor.