Blizzard is proud to be able to recognize outstanding teams and athletes for their contribution to soccer and our communities.

Alex Flynn Memorial Team Award
Alex Flynn in Action

Alex Flynn in Action

Alex Flynn was a very special and proud member of the Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club until his untimely death in 2008.

This award takes into account the things that made Alex special. Alex was a leader, but not a “look at me” kind of leader. He led quietly, letting his behaviour do the talking and leading by example.  He also led by encouraging others, helping them up when they were down and getting them to their feet.

First and foremost, Alex was a team guy.  He always valued the team achievements more than individual accomplishment.  While he took soccer seriously, he knew that winning wasn’t everything and that having fun was also important.  Alex Flynn knew how to have fun and make things fun for others.  When you name an award for a young man with such strength of character, it needs to honor his values and so it has been decided that this award will be presented annually to a team, not an individual.  This is more is about strength of personality, as opposed to a winning at all costs mentality.

To qualify, a team must have the following attributes:

The team must hold fun as a high priority and compete at a good level, making the most of their abilities

The team should have gone to out of town tournaments, had fun, competed in a sporting manner and had a trip full of memories, not all of them from the soccer field

The team must have a good sporting reputation, no “in fighting,” and must be a strong representative of the Blizzard values

If you think that a team you represented this year, either in indoor or outdoor, qualifies for this award, please email your nomination to Bryan Zintel,  Nominations will be reviewed by a group that knew Alex well. The winning team will be announced towards the end of February.  The coach will get to keep the commemorative shield for a year.

Alex Flynn Memorial Award Winners
Year Awarded Coach Blizzard Team 
2019 Alan Rickwood SC06 Girls
2018 Bryan Zintel Broncos
2017 Shane Campbell Alliance 04 Girls
2016 Brad Hogg SC02 & SC00
2015 Karim Lalani Lightning
2014 Shane Campbell Tigers
2013 Tim White Storm
2012 Kerry Hargreaves Blades
2011 Andy Luge Spurs
2010 Dave De Lange Cyclones
2009 Alan Rickwood & Andy Mayr Hurricanes & Wolves
The Rigel Cole Player Award

Rigel Cole had been a Blizzard soccer player since U12, playing through the entire Blizzard minor program. Rigel was an outstanding defensive player and a wonderful, smart and exceptional young man. He had a variety of very committed and dedicated coaches throughout his lifetime. Most times Rigel’s team progressed through the upper divisional standings, going onto Provincials.

When Rigel was old enough, he graduated to the Blizzard Men’s team, coached by Grant Stevens. Even though he was a defender – and sometimes it can get a bit rough in Men’s – Rigel showed only his very best and never drew a card! An outstanding feat for any player.

Sadly, before Rigel could experience much in his talented life, he died in very unfortunate circumstances. To remember Rigel and embrace his outstanding contributions we have created a trophy that will be awarded to the player who most closely models Rigel’s pattern; shows exemplary skills, patience and discipline in soccer. Rigel would have been humbled to think anyone thought his contributions important enough to develop such an award.


Rigel Cole Memorial Trophy Winners
Year Awarded          Player                       
2018 Brooklyn Blake
2017 Claire Rockcliff
2016 Alexis Hill & Lauren Houghton
2015 Andie Gould
2014 Josh Baker
2013 Tianna Lombardo
2012 Dan Walters
2011 Mitchell Smith
2010 Patrick Wee
2009 Kyle Rushton
2008 Kyler James
2007 Taylor Koch