Refund Policy

Registering a player in any of the Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club (“CBSC”) programs binds the player and the Club to follow this policy on refunds of fees when withdrawal has been initiated.

Players who withdraw may receive a refund, at the discretion of CBSC, depending on the timing of the withdrawal and/or the reasons for the withdrawal. All refunds are subject to an amount withheld to cover costs already incurred for the season as well as a non-refundable administration fee (see below).

All refunds are subject to a $100 administrative fee for CMSA Programs, $25 for Roots, Community and Camps. Withdrawal requests must be made in writing to

  • CBSC CMSA Program Refund Requests: on or before the registration closing date as specified on the website.
  • CBSC Roots or Community Programs: on or before the registration closing date as specified on the website.
  • CBSC Camps: on or before 14 days prior to the first day of each camp as specified on the website.

No refunds will be issued past the above dates, except at the discretion of CBSC. In either of the situations below, any applicable amount will be decided on a case-by-case basis, approved by the Executive Director or Board of Directors:

  1. Injury or critical illness to the player which prevents them from participating as noted by a physician; or
  2. Family circumstance changes early in the season, such as relocating outside of the city.
  3. Refunds are not issued in the event there is a disagreement regarding player placement.
COVID-19 Refund Policy

While our existing refund policy stands for all members who register with us, CBSC does recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is a unique circumstance.

In the event there is NO CMSA season, all players will receive a FULL refund. If the CMSA season begins and due to Covid-19 we have to permanently or temporarily suspended in person activities (practices, technical training, skills sessions and/or CMSA league play), CBSC is committed to offering refunds and/or credits to all of our members on a pro-rated basis. Programming and league play delivered by the time of the restriction will determine the pro-rated refund and/or credits that CBSC membership will be offered. All refunds and credits will be clearly communicated to our membership.

During the Covid-19 situation 20-21 indoor, CBSC provided full refunds and/or credits for the Indoor 20-21 season and any applicable CMSA and Club credits and refunds for the Indoor 2021-22 season. In addition, we offered a FREE comprehensive online program and we were able to complete our technical training and team training program in full for the 20-21 Indoor Season.