Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club (CBSC)

New Appointment & Organizational Update

Following an in-depth review of the changes in the landscape of national club structures, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have made some key changes to the organization of our Club’s Technical Leadership. Notably, we have modified our Core Phase to align with the Canada Soccer, Long Term Player Development (LTPD) stage appropriate structure (U10-U11 and U12- U13), an improvement of our current female/male program structure. As a result of this alignment, our current Girls Core TD, Stuart Baker, will transition to a new role as our U12-U13 Core (Train to Train) Technical Director. In addition, we have hired a new U10-U11 Core (Learn to Train) Technical Director; see more info on these roles below.

CBSC is Excited to Announce Newly Appointed U10-U11 Core Technical Director, Andriy Szkwarek

With our new structure comes the appointment of a U10-U11 Core Technical Director; we’re thrilled to announce that Andriy Szkwarek has been selected to lead our U10-U11 Core program effective March 10th, 2023. For this role, we sought a technical lead that would continue to represent CBSC’s values, enhance the development of our U10-U11 Core athletes and uphold its reputation as one of the best in the country.

Andriy is a Canada Soccer National B and Youth License certified coach. Andriy has been with CBSC since 2020. Prior to joining CBSC, Andriy was a staff coach with the Barcelona Academy in both Calgary and Virginia. Andriy’s playing career saw him compete in the Canadian Professional Soccer League with the Ottawa Wizards as well as in the National Premier Soccer League with the Seattle Inter-United FC.

We look forward to seeing Andriy’s expertise and passion shine through in the development of our Core athletes.

Existing Technical Director, Stuart Baker, Takes on a New Role; U12-U13 Core Technical Director

In 2016, Stu joined CBSC as a Technical Coach and has been the Girls Core (U10-U13) Technical Director since 2021. With the excelling player development Stu has accomplished in the Core Girls Program, the transition to our U12-U13 Core Technical Director for both Boys and Girls Programs will support the establishment of our Boys’ program as one of the best in Alberta while ensuring parity among our Core Programs.

Stu is a Canada Soccer National B and Youth License certified coach as well as an ASA Learning Facilitator. Prior to his coaching career, Stu played youth, senior and master’s football in Australia and Canada for various clubs at the state and provincial level, as well as playing for SAIT in Calgary.

Read more about the CBSC technical team members by visiting our website For any questions, please contact our Sporting Director,

Jackie Martin

Marketing & Communications Director

Release date: March 10, 2023