After hearing that some important funding had fallen through for Discovery House, a second stage shelter for women and children fleeing domestic abuse, the Blizzard Alliance 04/Tigers hopped in to support a special pre-Christmas event.

Tenille, an incredibly talented young Alberta-born country singer that lives in Nashville, was putting on a special fundraising evening. On December 21st, dressed up for Christmas, a huge contingency of Blizzard Tiger families helped lead 150 people, support and learn about Discovery House and be then amazingly be treated to a 2-hour concert by Tenille at the Cardel Homes Theatre. Tigers supported this event in a variety of ways. The girls personally baked a tremendous amount of cookies and treats, and then hosted the bake sale during the concert’s  intermission. The bake sale alone raised $910.

As a team, they also purchased, wrapped, and delivered special gifts that were provided to two of the families that were staying at the shelter. To say that everyone rallied is an understatement. They were a big part of an amazing group that, including the bake sale proceeds, raised over $6,000 for a local charity (Discovery House)that is doing such important work. It was a wonderful testament to the good that can come when so many kind hearts come together.