Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Calgary-born! Grew up in the NE.

What soccer team do you support? Canada Women’s Team, of course, and then the German Women’s and Men’s teams!

Favourite food? Probably Italian.

Favourite singer or band and song? I like rap music! Makes weight lifting and cross fit sooooo much better!

Most prized possession? Don’t have a prized possession ‐ material things can be replaced….

What is your greatest extravagance? Spending time pampering myself!

What is your favourite expression? No real expression…but I’m sure people will tell you I have plenty!

Best thing about being President of Blizzard? Wonderful kids…skillful players, great people. Taking this ride with the club from mostly boys teams, to expanded boys, girls, ladies and men’s teams. Each season getting to know a new group of kids and their parents. We have amazing folks, bleeding orange, such a fantastic group. Walking almost anywhere and running into kids and parents wearing Blizzard gear. Community spirit and pride at Blizzards.

Worst thing about being President of Blizzard? The meetings….CMSA, Board meetings (necessary), meetings with interested parties, other clubs and associations inviting you for discussions, meetings with Alan, technical meetings, City of Calgary Parks and Recreation meetings….all those association type meetings…lots of hours that one just never gets back! Oh, and getting hit in the face with a soccer ball…you know who you are!

What is your vision for the Club in three years? First of all, socializing with all the Blizzard folks, including alumni, for our 50th anniversary celebration this year!!! Few non‐profit soccer Clubs can claim 50 years in existence. Ability to expand our grassroots and under 8 programs. Having more teams qualify for Nationals, and lastly having some type of facility we can call our own/home. Continuing with our newly revised technical group.

Favourite Blizzard soccer experience? I have many. The teams I have been lucky enough to coach, and the great kids that become like one of your own after a while. Getting to know fellow Directors who volunteered on our Board over the many years. My son’s playing time with the Club many, many years ago, and those friendships I still have to this day. Going to adult games where my grown‐up ex-players run up and ask if I caught their last goal ‐ priceless. Watching those same grown-ups introduce soccer to their children.

Biggest change you would like to see to soccer in Calgary? Personally, I wish for better insight and communication/influence in Calgary soccer, and ensuring it is fit for our individual purposes. Leaving soccer better in Calgary, at all levels, and across Alberta.

Thanks MJ and congrats on being chosen as the Alberta Soccer Woman of Distinction for 2016 for your outstanding achievements and contribution to soccer in Alberta.